I am a political scientist at the Université de Montréal, where I read on comparative and international political economy. I am particularly interested in the politics of international taxation and foreign direct investment, but I have also worked on monetary policy, foreign aid, economic voting, and research methods.

I write a lot of code, am a fan of Open Source Software, and believe that researchers should cite the software they use.

Here’s a picture of me with Invader, in case you need to spot me in the hotel lobby at some conference: vincent.jpg (Photo credit: Amy). And here’s how I pronounce my weird hyphenated last name: arel-bundock.mp3 (“Arel” as in “barrel”; “Bundock” as in “bun” + “duck”).

Go blue!


My preprints, data, and code are archived by the Open Science Foundation. The final published versions of my articles are probably available on Sci-Hub.

Some recent papers:

Some older papers I still kind of like:

See my CV for a complete list of writings.


  • marginaleffects: R package to compute and plot predictions, slopes, marginal means, and comparisons (contrasts, risk ratios, odds ratios, etc.) for over 70 classes of statistical models in R. Conduct linear and non-linear hypothesis tests, as well as equivalence tests using the delta method.
  • modelsummary: Beautiful, customizable, publication-ready data and model summaries in R.
  • tinytable: A small but powerful R package to draw beautiful tables in a variety of formats: HTML, LaTeX, Word, PDF, PNG, Markdown, and Typst. The user interface is minimalist and easy to learn, while giving users access to powerful frameworks to create endlessly customizable tables.
  • countrycode: R package to convert country codes and country names.
  • softbib: Software Bibliographies for R Projects Automatically detect libraries used in a project and create software bibliographies in ‘PDF’, ‘Word’, ‘Rmarkdown’, and ‘BibTeX’.
  • altdoc: A simple and powerful package to create documentation websites for R packages. altdoc makes it trivial to create beautiful websites for simple R packages, and it can efficiently organize documentation for complex projects with hundreds of functions or dozens vignettes.
  • WDI: R package to search and download thousands of panel data series from the World Bank's World Development Indicators.
  • tinysnapshot: Snapshots for unit tests using the tinytest framework for R. Includes expectations to test base R and ggplot2 plots as well as console output from print().
  • regrets: R package to print facts and pictures of egrets (h/t Jane Sumner)
  • violets: Violets are BLUE. OLS is too. An R package which re-estimates fancy statistical models using simple OLS. (h/t Alton BH Worthington)


  • Political Risk Insurance and Finance: This project aims to make available firm-level information about every insurance contract issued, financing project initiated, and insurance claim settled by the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
  • Central Bankers’ speeches: A collection of 14601 speeches given by central bankers between 1997 and 2018. Collected in preparation for the article 'Adding rooms onto a house we love: Central banking after the global financial crisis', with Juliet Johnson and Vlad Portniaguine.
  • Rdatasets: A collection of 2000+ datasets that were originally distributed alongside the statistical software environment R and some of its add-on packages. The goal is to make these data more broadly accessible for teaching and statistical software development. Each dataset is distributed in comma-separated values format, with detailed html documentation.